Exploring Chile

Chile is the world’s 4th largest silver producer and a Top Ten global mining destination (Fraser Institute) with a pro-mining government elected for 6 years in 2018. The country is ranked #1 in Latin America for:

  • Political stability
  • Security
  • Skilled labour

Mining accounts for 10% of Chile’s GDP and 50% of Chilean exports.

In 2018, Chile ranked 9th in the Best Practices Mineral Potential Index (out of 83), which incorporates best jurisdictional practices as well as geological potential to determine the attractiveness of exploration investment. It is the highest ranked country in Latin America.

Fuelled by the discovery at Chañarcillo, the Chilean silver rush of the mid-19th century did much to drive demographic, infrastructural and economic growth helping to modernise Chile and turn it into one of South America’s strongest economies.